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Head of Department

Prof Sandra Kentish

Office of the Head of Department

Ms Louise Baker (Mon–Tue, Thu–Fri)
Ms Annmaree Sharkey (Wed only)

T: +61 3 9035 4807
F: +61 3 8344 4153

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Building 1 [view map]

Title Given Name Family Name Position Profile Email
Dr Luke Connal Senior Lecturer Profile | Lab
Dr Gabriel Da Silva Future Fellow Profile
Prof Ray Dagastine Future Fellow Profile | Lab
Assoc Prof Malcolm Davidson Reader Profile
Prof David Dunstan Professor Profile | Lab
Prof George Franks Professor Profile | Lab
Assoc Prof Sally Gras Reader Profile | Lab
Dr Dalton Harvie Senior Lecturer Profile | Lab
Dr Daniel Heath Lecturer Profile
Dr Chris Honig Lecturer Profile
Prof Sandra Kentish Head of Department Profile
Dr Greg Martin Senior Lecturer Profile | Lab
Dr Kathryn Mumford Lecturer Profile
Assoc Prof Andrea O’Connor Associate Professor Profile | Lab
Prof Greg Qiao Future Fellow Profile | Lab
Prof Peter Scales Professor Profile
Prof David Shallcross Director, Engineering Learning Unit Profile
Prof Geoff Stevens Professor; Director PFPC Profile
Dr Anthony Stickland Senior Lecturer Profile
Dr Carolina Tallon Lecturer Profile
Prof Paul Webley Professor Profile | Lab
Title Given Name Family Name Position Profile Email
Ms Alita Anastasia Aguiar Research Assistant, CO2CRC Profile
Prof Robin Batterham Kernot Professor of Engineering Profile
Dr Nadja Bertleff-Zieschang Research Fellow, NIMS  
Dr Julia Braunger Research Fellow, NIMS  
Prof Frank Caruso Australian Laureate Fellow Profile | Lab
Dr Francesca Cavalieri Future Fellow Profile
Dr George Chen Research Fellow, CO2CRC Profile
Dr Jiwei Cui Research Fellow, NIMS Profile
Dr Yunlu Dai Research Fellow, NIMS  
Dr Linda De Melis Research Manager, ARC Dairy Innovation Hub Profile
Dr Laura Gordon Research Fellow, Geopolymer Group Profile
Mr Jeffri Gouw Research Assistant, CO2CRC  
Dr Paul Gurr Research Fellow, CO2CRC Profile
Dr David Hill Research Fellow Profile
Mr Indrawan Indrawan Research Fellow, CO2CRC Profile
Mr Adrian Knight Research Assistant  
Dr Konrad Krysiak-Baltyn Research Fellow, Gras Group Profile
Dr Katharina Ladewig Super Science Fellowship, Polymer Science Group Profile
Dr Andrew Lee Research Fellow, CO2CRC  
Dr Judy Lee Research Fellow, Desalination Profile
Dr Andy Leung Research Fellow, Polymer Science Group Profile
Dr Xu Li McKenzie Postdoctoral Research Fellow Profile
Dr Josephine Lim Research Fellow, CO2CRC Profile
Dr Markus Muellner Research Fellow, NIMS Profile
Dr Nathan Nicholas Research Fellow, CO2CRC Profile
Dr Lydia Ong Research Fellow Profile
Mr Shuhua Peng Research Assistant, Zhang Group  
Dr Jilska Perera Senior Research Fellow Profile
Dr Emma Prime Research Fellow, Polymer Science Group Profile
Ms Marta Redrado Notivoli Support Officer, Nanomaterials Characterisation Platform, Dagastine Research Group  
Dr Rackel San Nicolas Research Fellow, Geopolymer & Mineral Processing Group Profile | Lab
Dr Colin Scholes Research Fellow, CO2CRC Profile
Dr Jin (Eric) Shang Research Fellow Profile
Dr Ranjeet Singh Research Fellow, Webley Group Profile
Dr Kathryn Smith Research Fellow, CO2CRC Profile
Prof David Solomon Professorial Fellow Profile
Dr Huanli Sun Research Fellow, NIMS Profile
Ms Jenny Tran Research Assistant, NIMS  
Dr Phong Tran McKenzie Research Fellow, Tissue Engineering Profile
Mr Navin Thanumurthy Research Assistant  
Dr Shane Usher Research Fellow Profile
Dr Yong Wang Research Fellow, PFPC Profile
Dr Edgar Hoe Hon Wong Research Fellow Profile
Dr Gongkui (James) Xiao Research Fellow, (PW) Profile
Dr Yuezhu (Penny) Xiao Research Fellow Profile
Dr Yan (Annie) Yan Research Fellow, NIMS Profile
Dr Xuehua Zhang Future Fellow Profile
Given Name Family Name Position Phone Email Location
Louise Baker Executive Assistance to Head of Department 8344 0121 C&BE Bdg 165, Room 3.30
Tabitha Cesnak Personal Assistant to Prof Geoff Stevens 8344 6630 C&BE Bdg 167, Room G.02
Dr Michelle de Silva Manager PFPC 8344 6620 C&BE Bdg 167, Room G.01
Melanie Hutchins Personal Assistant to Prof Frank Caruso 9035 8192 C&BE Bdg 165, Room 3.20
Sharon Kuria Teaching Liaison Co-ordinator 8344 1486 C&BE Bdg 165, Room 3.28
Franca Tomaras Personal Assistant to Prof Robin Batterham 8344 9064 C&BE Bdg 165, Room 3.17
Patricia Pallot Personal Assistant 8344 6631 C&BE Bdg 165, Room 3.02
Marc Riemer Editorial Assistant 8344 9063 C&BE Bdg 165, Room 3.20
Annmaree Sharkey Executive Assistance to Head of Department; Postgrad Officer 8344 3656 C&BE Bdg 165, Room 3.30
Given Name Family Name Profile Email
Khalid Alharthi Profile
Suhaib Ali Profile
Halleh Atri Profile
Hirra Azher Profile
Elham Bidram Profile
Christian Biscombe Profile
Dhee Biswas Profile
Mattias Björnmalm Profile
Christopher Bolton Profile
Emma Brisson Profile  
Christine Browne Profile
Stephan Burger Profile
Wilhelm Burger Profile
Xi Chen Profile
Joe Collins Profile
Adam Crust Profile
Qiong Dai Profile
David Danaci Profile
Hongzhan Di Profile
Sarah Dodds Profile
Mina Dokouhaki Profile
Nurul Sakinah Engliman Profile
Matthew Faria Profile
Christopher Fewkes Profile
Benjamin Freidman Profile
Katelyn Gause Profile
Sook Jin Goh Profile
Teo Grabin Profile
Dunyin Gu Profile
Sylvia Gunawan Profile
Junling Guo Profile
Malavika Haribabu Profile
Steven Harris-Wibowo Profile
Terence Hartnett Profile
Armineh Hassanvand Profile
Yingdian (Frank) He Profile
Tim Henderson Profile
Stephen Homer Profile
Wei-Lun Hsu Profile
Guoping Hu Profile
Javad Jafari Profile
Yi Ju Profile
Mahshid Kalani Profile
Alireza Kashani Profile
Kezia Kezia Profile
Jinguk Kim Profile
Tiara Kusuma Profile
Shu Lam Profile
Sam Law Profile
Silvia Leo Profile
Wen Li Profile
Zheng Li Profile
Hiep Thuan (Bill) Lu Profile
Junchao Ma Profile
Lachlan Mason Profile
Nirmal Mathew Profile
Paul Mignone Profile
Nouman Mirza Profile
EunHyung Nam Profile
Sinn-Yao (Kenneth) Ng Profile
Will Ng Profile ;
Ka Fung (Leo) Noi Profile
Mitchell Nothling Profile
Augustine Ntiamoah Profile
Anita Pax Profile
Karolina Petkovic Profile
Rohit Pillai Profile
Sam Pinches Profile
Nasim Pour Profile
James Quinn Profile
Md. Arifur Rahim Profile
Edward Ross Profile
Sayuri Rubasingha Profile
Sara Sayanjali Profile
Joel Scofield Profile
Philipp Senn Profile
Steven Shirbin Profile
Samuel Skinner Profile
Sui So Profile
Danzi Song Profile
Kevany Soodam Profile
Barbara Sowa Profile
Erin Spiden Profile
Thomas Statham Profile
Tomoya Suma Profile
Catherine Sutton Profile
Simon Takouridis Profile
Shereen Tan Profile
Suryani Tan Profile
Ngee Hon (Willie) Tang Profile
Blaise Tardy Profile
Hui-En Teo Profile
Martin van Koeverden Profile
Leonie van’t Hag Profile
Brant Walkley Profile
Michael Wang Profile
Zhexing Wang Profile
Alessia Weiss Profile
Fan Wu Profile
Yue Wu Profile
Donglin Xie Profile
Chenglong Xu Profile
Benjamin Yap Profile
Joel Kah Jin Yong Profile
Xueying (Alison) Zhang Profile
Qinghu Zhao Profile
Qi Zheng Profile
Title Given Name Family Name Position Profile Email Address
Dr Bruce Anderson Honorary Fellow Profile
Dr Clare Anderson Honorary Fellow Profile
Dr Kaffashi Babak Honorary Fellow    
Mr Andrew Barber Honorary Fellow Profile
Dr Joseph Berry Honorary Fellow    
Dr Anton Blencowe Honorary Fellow    
Prof David Boger Honorary (Professor Emeritus) Profile
Prof John Burgess Honorary Professorial Fellow    
Prof Richard Buscall Honorary Senior Fellow Profile
Dr Angle Chandra Honorary Fellow    
Dr Mark Coghill Honorary Fellow    
Dr Mike Connor Honorary Senior Fellow  
Assoc Prof Peter Coombes Honorary Principal Fellow    
Dr Justin Cooper-White Honorary Senior Fellow  
Assoc Prof Geoffrey Covey Honorary Principal Fellow Profile
Dr Dennis Creasy Honorary Senior Fellow    
Dr David Dixon Honorary Senior Fellow Profile
Miss Trina Dreher Honorary Fellow    
Dr Asha D’Souza Honorary Fellow    
Prof Will Ducker Honorary Senior Fellow  
Dr Peter Duxson Honorary Fellow Profile
Dr John Floyd Honorary Professorial Fellow    
Dr Brendan Gladman Honorary Fellow Profile
Mr Will Goodall Honorary Fellow    
Assoc Prof Neil Gray Honorary Principal Fellow    
Mr Tony Grice Honorary Senior Fellow    
Prof Baruch Grinbaum Honorary Fellow    
Dr Pei Haiyan Honorary Fellow    
Dr Sinin Hamdan Visitor Academic    
Mr Trent Harkin Visitor Academic    
Dr Patrick Hartley Honorary Fellow Profile
Prof Tom Healy Honorary Professorial Fellow Profile
Dr David Hill Honorary Fellow (1 June 2014)    
Mr Barry Hooper Honorary Fellow Profile
Dr Shinji Kanehashi Honorary Fellow  
Mr Adam Kilcullen Honorary Fellow Profile
Mr Sanghyuk Lim Honorary Fellow    
Dr Grant Lukey Honorary Senior Fellow  
Dr Kazukiyo Nagai Honorary Fellow Profile  
Assoc Prof Quoc Nguyen Honorary Senior Fellow    
Dr Maeda Nobuo Honorary Fellow Profile
Mr Ian Olmstead Honorary Research Fellow (Bio Fuels)    
Assoc Prof Neville Pamment Honorary Senior Fellow Profile
Dr Jai Kant Pandit Visiting Fellow (24 Oct 2014)    
Mr Mike Parkinson Honorary Fellow Profile
Dr Teresa Pong Honorary Senior Fellow  
Dr Almar Postma Honorary Fellow Profile
Dr John Provis Honorary Senior Fellow  
Dr Abdul Qader Honorary Fellow Profile
Dr John Quinn Honorary Fellow Profile
Dr Timothy Raymond Honorary Fellow    
Mr John Rayner Honorary Fellow Profile
Dr Catherine Rees Honorary Fellow    
Mr Gordon Ritcey Honorary Senior Fellow    
Dr Murray Rudman Clinical Senior Fellow    
Dr David Sadedin Honorary Fellow Profile
Prof Stanley Sandler Honorary Professorial Fellow  
Dr Brian Smith Honorary Senior Fellow    
Dr Ian Snape Honorary Fellow Profile
Dr Fiona Sofra Honorary Fellow Profile
Prof David Solomon Honorary Professorial Fellow Profile
Dr Darrin Stephens Honorary Fellow    
Dr Douglas Swinbourne Honorary Senior Fellow    
Prof Richard Tabor Honorary Fellow    
Dr Yan Tsaur Honorary Fellow Profile
Dr Ivan Vakarelski Honorary Fellow Profile
Prof Jannie Van Deventer Honorary Professorial Fellow Profile
Dr Claire White Honorary Fellow (20 Jan 2014) Profile
Prof David Wood Honorary Professorial Fellow, Professor Emeritus Profile
Dr David Yates Honorary Senior Fellow    
Dr Y Leong Yeow Honorary Senior Fellow Profile
Dr Yonggang Zhu Honorary Fellow