Ceramics and Minerals Processing Group


Prof Jonas Addai-Mensah
Ian Wark Research Institute, South Australia Responsive polymers in mineral processing
Assoc Prof David Beattie
Ian Wark Research Institute, South Australia Responsive polymers in mineral processing
Prof Chris Berndt
Swinburne University
Prof Dee Bradshaw
University of Queensland, responsive polymers in flotation
Prof Yi-Bing Cheng
Monash University, solar cells
Prof Ray Dagastine
University of Melbourne, dry mineral processing and surface forces
Dr Gabriel da Silva
University of Melbourne, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Prof William Ducker
Virginia Tech, USA, crystal growth control
Prof Dave Dunstan
ceramic foams
Dr Liza Forbes
CSRIO Clayton Victoria
Prof Yang Gan
Harbin Institute of Technology, China, alumina surface
Dr Naoyuki Ishida
AIST Japan, surface forces and responsive polymers
Prof Graeme Jameson
University of Newcastle, aggregation and surface forces
Dr Haihong Li
Alberta Innovates, Canada, responsive polymers in mineral processing
Dr Lian Liu
University of Queensland Nickel laterite agglomeration
Assoc Prof Takamasa Mori
Nagoya University, colloidal stability and responsive polymers
Dr Sam Morica
ANSTO Materials
Assoc Prof Jun Oshitani
Okayama University, Japan, dry mineral processing
Prof Tresa Pollock
Materials, University of California at Santa Barbara
Dr John Provis
materials in extreme environments
Prof Greg Qiao
University of Melbourne, responsive flocculants
Prof John Ralston
Ian Wark Research Institute, South Australia
Dr Daniel Riley
Prof Peter Scales
ceramic powder and mineral processing
Prof Bill Skinner
Ian Wark Research Institute, South Australia
Prof Michael Smart
University of Queensland
John Thornton
Defence Science and Technology Organisation
Assoc Prof Erica Wanless
University of Newcastle
Jamie Whiteford
BAE Systems, Materials for Hypersonic rockets
Dr Ying Zhou

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